Love in the workplace

So there is an on-going conversation regarding love in the work place (#loveintheworkplace). Some people think its wrong while some support it.

Various organizations also hold different views regarding this.


These organizations do not have any reservations to love and marriage amongst co-workers as long as it does not affect their jobs. They actually believe that this enhances productivity in the organization. The belief is that when married couples work in the-same organization, they automatically attain ownership of their jobs as this forms the major income of the family. They want to ensure that their employer is happy so that they are remunerated accordingly. As the bible says: “One would chase a thousand, and two, ten thousand”. You can imagine two chasing the ten thousand in the-same organization. A united force to attain management’s goals objectives.


This school of thought believes that love and marriage in the workplace would have an adverse effect on the productivity of the worker. They believe that the individuals would loose focus and neglect their job responsibilities. Some also belive that it could lead to disrespect if one spouse is boss over the other…. Fireworks would probably fly if the boss happens to be the woman.


As long as priorities are maintained and not misplaced, I believe that love can flourish in the work place. I am 100% PRO-LOVE if properly managed.


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You can also add your thoughts below.

Before I forget….Happy Valentines Day!


About Ann Ayinde

Ann Ayinde is a Human Resources Professional. She believes a lot in the strategic function of Human Resources and is a strong proponent of Human Capital Development and Intrapreneurship. She wants to see mindsets change regarding jobs, careers and people management. You can email her at: This Blog is personal and in no way directly associated with any employer.

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