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Does your cover letter take on a life of its own?

Cover letters are fast becoming very normal and necessary. They serve as a summary of all the accomplishments the job seeker has on their CV and helps job seekers sell themselves even more than the CV does.

However, a cover letter is not in anyway meant to replace your CV. It is meant to support/enhance you CV. Your cover letter is meant to make the recruiter eager to read your CV rather than make the recruiter immediately give you a call.

Moreso, your cover letter is meant to be in-sync with your CV. This means that there should be no surprises when a recruiter, who has read your cover letter, goes on to read your CV – Or vice versa. But this seldom the case.

It is becoming increasingly common for people to focus a lot more on their cover letters and totally ignore their CVs.

What you get is: An updated cover letter that sells this amazing social media manager and a CV that only shows that he/she is a Mechanical Engineer with 2 years experience in Marketing.

This is normally very disheartening to the recruiter who was already very excited by the cover letter. 

So what’s the solution? Quite simply, you should do the following:

1. Update your CV with all relevant information.

2. Draft your Cover letter based on information on your CV.

3. As you gain new skills and experiences, make updates on both you cover letter and your CV.

4. Tailor each cover letter to fit each job position applied for (But that’s a story for another day)

Does your cover letter reflect what is on your CV or does it have a life of its own? Do you have a different opinion about cover letters? Please share below.

Ann Ayinde is a Human Resource Generalist. She has over 4 years experience spanning between the Financial Services Sector and Consulting with expertise in Customer Relationship Management, Customer Services and Human Resources. She believes a lot in the strategic function of Human Resources and is a strong proponent of Human Capital Development and Intrapreneurship. She wants to see mindsets change regarding jobs, careers and people management.