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When they said ‘No’

You advertised a job?

I’m calling to apply.

Oh the position is filled,

Advert was a hitch!

And we were expecting someone else,

You see your name did not reflect,

With all due respect,

The applicant we referred!

My hands are tied,

You see there are rules,

And policies to follow

Or perhaps, try tomorrow?

We got your application,

But after the negotiations,

We decided it was best

To offer it to someone else!

We support and welcome all

But you see the face don’t fit

Or our customers will get in a brawl

If they knew you were here at all!

I’m sorry I can’t be of help,

Because if I’m seen to be in support,

I might be fighting for my job,

So wish you all the luck!

We will not be supporting you,

You see we have rules and routes,

Which have to be followed through,

And you did not fit criteria

In any area!

Did you have any other pictures

Taken on the night of our occasion?

Oh the camera malfunctioned…

That’s really clever you know,

That the camera seemed to be very selective

As to who it took when we were presenting!

The idea is good

More brilliant than any I’ve seen

But we will not be taking this

Any further, it seems.

The board is really happy

With the proposal you are bringing

But we are not interested

In pursuing tho’ impressed

With this Initiative at best…

But mind you,

We will be keeping your product!

The company did not like it

And its proved difficult to find

A way to get your product back

It can’t be returned

Until I make my turn

Of going up North

To retrieve it in its current form

We will not be returning

Your product to you

See it as payment

For the rounds I showed too

I suggest you forget about getting it back

Because it’s not something we can hack!

I’m feeling really threatened

By this project you are bringing

It’s not something that will fit in

With the programme we are running…

How much did you say

Your charges were again?

Did anyone ever pay

You that much before?

We were told it’s for free!

We’ll take it with glee

But I think I told your manager

Someone had to pay the fee!

The children thought the game

Was a novel idea for the frame

But you see the time has run

We can’t develop it this time on…

We didn’t expect you

To actually pull through

With a game idea

In so short a time!

Copyright ©Arinola Araba 2017

Arinola Araba FRSA MBBS MSc
Founder and Creative Director, bMoney Wize Ltd