Meet Ann

Ann Ayinde is a Human Resources Professional. She believes a lot in the strategic function of Human Resources and is a strong proponent of Human Capital Development and Intrapreneurship. She wants to see mindsets change regarding jobs, careers and people management.

You can email her at:

This Blog is personal and in no way directly associated with any employer.


3 thoughts on “Meet Ann

  1. Hi Ann, nice to meet you.
    I read through your blog and I am quite impressed and motivated.Great job you doing.
    You sure do have a subtle way of communicating your opinions, reading through was like you talking to me face to face.

    Also, just to mention I got tempted and read your daughters blog.

    Finally, I will be needing your HR expertise, I am currently in a marketing communication industry and considering moving into management consulting. Any advise on how to achieve that?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    N.B: My name is Aderonke Ladi-Awotinde, My regards to Mr. Ayinde (I hope he still remembers me)

  2. Hi Ann,
    I did’t know you own a blog…Nice one
    We’ve also met on LinkedIn. Hope you do remember me.

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