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Vacancy – Apply Within


Growing up in Nigeria, that used to be the way employers advertised their vacancies….some still do this up until now.

They would place a banner or board in front of the office, detailing their vacancies, sit back and watch people pour in to apply for such vacancies.

Seeing this always brought hope to the job seeker who happened to be passing by and they ALWAYS carried their Resume about in the hopes that they would come across such as these.

Not all that walked in and applied were ready or prepared and it was those who were ready and prepared that got the job.

Their Resume was up-to-date

Their dressing was interview-ready

Their skills were relevant.

Those were happy times….

What we see these days are people with scanty resumes that do not fit the specified job role.

People who do not know how best to dress for an interview.

People whose skills set do not match those advertised.

People who have no idea what they want.

Really, you need to put in more effort in order to get the job of your dreams. It should be much easier than the road-side vacancies.

One thing the road-side vacancies did not give applicants was TIME. And you have a little more time than those applicants did. Use the time wisely.

Invest in a CV Editing service in order to get a top notch CV. Or get someone to help take a look.

Ensure you are the best person for the job and determine to get the job.

Prepare well for the interview – Dressing, Comportment, Timing, Research.

Be professional at all times.

All the best!



Vacancy Announcement: Assistant IELTS Administrator, Nigeria

British Council

BC Jobs
Region: Sub Saharan Africa
Country: Nigeria
Location: Lagos
Department: English & Exams
Job Category: Exams
Pay Band: Pay Band 6
Vacancy Description
Role is Pay Band 6 (Junior Management)/indefinite term contract/open to internal and external applicants/Applicants must have the right to work and live in Nigeria/Post is in Lagos
British Council is recruiting an Assistant IELTS Administrator .This post is responsible for the operational management of IELTS tests (International English Language Testing System) in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

The post holder will manage 1) the expansion the IELTS business in Southern Nigeria and 2) manage  the IELTS team and venue staff based in Lagos 3) monitor and improve the security of delivery of the tests 4) manage the delivery of IELTS preparation courses in Lagos and associate centres, and 5) monitor and improve the customer experience of the test process

See the role profile for role accountabilities.

Applicants must have experience

Managing people
Monitoring service to quality standards and implementing improvements.
Dealing with customers and enquiries in a service environment.
Training and managing a team to deliver to quality standards.

Relevant skills needed to be successful in the role includes

English Language proficiency to IELTS band 7.0 in all areas (or equivalent).
Good presentation skills.
Strong Attention to Detail.
Customer Service Focus.
Strong Organisation Skills.
Teamwork and ability to deal with conflict.
Working to tight deadlines.

Vacancy Announcement Date: 27th April, 2016
Closing date:23:59 UK time 3rd May, 2016

Please click here to apply.