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The 140 Xter Employee

Last month I wrote a post about The 140 Xter Manager and how this Manager gives an opportunity for employees to lead and showcase their skills in the workplace.

Today I would like to discuss the 140 Xter Employee.

A 140 Xter Employee is one that contributes to the organization in 140 Xters or less. This person is dormant, passive and inactive during team discussions. We all know this person. They are the people who are quiet during discussions, not because they are quietly strategizing on how to move the organization forward, but because they really have nothing to say.

Let me just say immediately that it is unwise to be a 140 Xter Employee as this sends the wrong signal to the management of the organization. Anyone who does this should not think that they are being smart and that no one notices them or their actions.

Every human being wants to be surrounded by people who add value to them and organizations are no exception.  If a person cannot add value and contribute during discussions, it causes one to wonder why they are even in the team or organization. Team spirit is lacking here.

In recent times organizations have devised a method that helps them know upfront, if a prospective employee would be a 140 xter employee. The method: Assessment centres. This has fully been integrated into most interviewing processes of organizations. The way in which it works is that the prospects are placed in teams and given a project to work on. Here the employer is looking at the team dynamics and looking out for team playing and team building skills. The results at an assessment centre go a long way in determining if a person would get the job or not.

Job seekers may have all the technical skills needed to get the job done but if team spirit is non-existent, there lies a big mis-match.

So for job seekers, go on out there and develop your team playing skills and for currently employed individuals, hone those team playing skills as well.

Speak up! Speak out! Contribute!

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