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Vacancy – Apply Within


Growing up in Nigeria, that used to be the way employers advertised their vacancies….some still do this up until now.

They would place a banner or board in front of the office, detailing their vacancies, sit back and watch people pour in to apply for such vacancies.

Seeing this always brought hope to the job seeker who happened to be passing by and they ALWAYS carried their Resume about in the hopes that they would come across such as these.

Not all that walked in and applied were ready or prepared and it was those who were ready and prepared that got the job.

Their Resume was up-to-date

Their dressing was interview-ready

Their skills were relevant.

Those were happy times….

What we see these days are people with scanty resumes that do not fit the specified job role.

People who do not know how best to dress for an interview.

People whose skills set do not match those advertised.

People who have no idea what they want.

Really, you need to put in more effort in order to get the job of your dreams. It should be much easier than the road-side vacancies.

One thing the road-side vacancies did not give applicants was TIME. And you have a little more time than those applicants did. Use the time wisely.

Invest in a CV Editing service in order to get a top notch CV. Or get someone to help take a look.

Ensure you are the best person for the job and determine to get the job.

Prepare well for the interview – Dressing, Comportment, Timing, Research.

Be professional at all times.

All the best!



Love in the workplace

So there is an on-going conversation regarding love in the work place (#loveintheworkplace). Some people think its wrong while some support it.

Various organizations also hold different views regarding this.


These organizations do not have any reservations to love and marriage amongst co-workers as long as it does not affect their jobs. They actually believe that this enhances productivity in the organization. The belief is that when married couples work in the-same organization, they automatically attain ownership of their jobs as this forms the major income of the family. They want to ensure that their employer is happy so that they are remunerated accordingly. As the bible says: “One would chase a thousand, and two, ten thousand”. You can imagine two chasing the ten thousand in the-same organization. A united force to attain management’s goals objectives.


This school of thought believes that love and marriage in the workplace would have an adverse effect on the productivity of the worker. They believe that the individuals would loose focus and neglect their job responsibilities. Some also belive that it could lead to disrespect if one spouse is boss over the other…. Fireworks would probably fly if the boss happens to be the woman.


As long as priorities are maintained and not misplaced, I believe that love can flourish in the work place. I am 100% PRO-LOVE if properly managed.


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Before I forget….Happy Valentines Day!